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Welcome to Friends of the Treatment Action Campaign.

Homepage ImageFoTAC works with the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa to ensure that more people access treatment to reduce the effects of HIV, and prevent infection with HIV.

Six million people in South Africa live with HIV. But this need not be the disaster for them, their loved ones and their communities, that was once feared. If people with HIV start on treatment - anti-retroviral therapy (ART) - early enough, they may have many many years of quality life, and there is only a marginal chance that they will infect anyone else in any way. So, it is possible to bring an end to HIV and AIDS in our generation. The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) came to prominence ten years ago when it fought the disastrous policies of President Mbeki who denied the need for ART. It was literally fighting for the lives of its thousands of members who lived with HIV. It won. Now the South African government promotes the active roll-out of ART to all who need it.

Yet, much remains to be done - the public health service is struggling, and constantly needs to be challenged to deliver decent services for all in need; whilst people are still slow to come forward for a HIV test, to seek ART, and to take other measures that could beat AIDS. TAC, with members across South Africa, many living with HIV, is still at the forefront of ensuring that AIDS will be beaten. It provides information and mobilizes people to take action - to do what they need to do for their health, and to challenge government to see through its obligations. From the UK, the charity Friends of TAC (FoTAC) provides funds and other support to TAC in this still vital work