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Friends of the Treatment Action Campaign: wind-down

Homepage ImageImportant notice about FoTAC: FoTAC has been wound down as a charity

After a process of reflection, FoTAC's trustees and members formally voted in December 2015 to wind down the organisation. With the award of the £3 million Comic Relief investment grant in 2010, the trustees had set a primary objective for the period up until 2015 of managing the grant to bring maximum benefit to TAC. With the successful closure of this grant in November 2015, that objective was concluded, and the trustees decided that this was an appropriate time to now wind down FoTAC.

Two studies that were conducted in 2015 provided independent confirmation of all that TAC has achieved from its early years through to more recently, despite many challenges. These achievements stretch from transforming the lives of individuals affected by HIV in so many communities across South Africa through to impacting critical policies on HIV at national level, and bringing pressure to bear in provinces for strengthened health systems for more effective roll-out. TAC has fought, and continues to fight, for a more just and equitable society.

FoTAC is proud of all that TAC has done, and honoured that FoTAC was able to support this, not least with nearly £3.2 million in funding (which equated to nearly R 46 million at the time of transfer) since 2005.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to FoTAC during this period with generous donations, and voluntarily giving their time and skills and support. We understand that despite current financial challenges, TAC is actively looking to continue over the coming years - donations may be made via We are sure that TAC will remain an important civil society voice at this challenging time in South Africa. We wish this extraordinary social movement well as it continues to fight for the decent public healthcare, and more equitable society, that all South Africans deserve.

The winding down process was completed in mid-February 2016 when FoTAC’s remaining funds were transferred to TAC and the Charity Commission was informed that FoTAC had closed. FoTAC is unable to accept any further donations. For further information please e-mail